Event Photos 2023

Continuing Traditions

June 3rd, 2023

45th Annual Old Dominion 100


Starting Field: 95
Finished under 24 hours: 31 (32.6%)
Finished under 28 hours: 53 (55.8%)


Starting weather 55ºF
High temp 86ºF at 2pm
Overnight Low 57ºF with rain sporaticly


Male Mitch Ables: 18:34
Female Meg Landymore: 19:36
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This year was unusual, in the weeks leading up to the race the weather was mild which never gave the runners many opportunities for heat training. The weather throughout the day was comfortable in the shade but hot in the sun. Which sounds pretty nice compared to the previous hot years, but we saw many runners struggle with this quick change.

This year could easily be summed up as a year about traditions and reconnecting. After 23 years, we were able to award a 1,000 mile buckle. 1,000 mile buckle is given to a runner that has run our course under 24 hours 10 times. This year that award went to Olivier Leblond. There are only 6 other previous Old Dominion runners that hold this special buckle. In addition, we had the opportunity to have Blake Benke on the course again, he ran in 2001 and returned 22 years later to get his 2nd OD buckle. Surely, the largest timespan between buckles at Old Dominion any runner has had. Another connection to our past was Andrew Palen running and getting his buckle. He is the second 2nd-generation OD runner. His father, David Palen, received his buckle in 1997. Our first 2nd-generation we saw was Mike Jones.

The runners got the best of the best care during the day this year. Our volunteers continue to always show up for them. This year 96% of our volunteers were veteran volunteers for us. We can never express our gratitude enough towards these amazing humans that make the day a memorable one for the runners.

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Runners around a picnic table receiving aid.
Crisman runners recovering
Taking a recovery moment at Crisman Hollow
Wes Claytor at Mile 29. Photo Courtsey of Karsten Brown
Olivier Leblond. Photo Courtsey of Owen Braley
Volunteer waiting for runners in the midst
Woodstock tower at dawn
Runner, Cal, Sitting at Crisman Hollow
Cal at Crisman Hollow
Photo Courtsey of Owen Braley
Andrew Palen, son of David Palen, recieves his buckle
Andrew Palen receives his buckle.
Photo Courtsey of Owen Braley
Cassy with her hands in the air
Cassy at 4 points
First and second place recovers after finish
Tomo and Mitch at the finish line
Harms being sprayed
Michael Harms
John at mile 15
John Calabrese at mile 15. Photo Courtsey of Karsten Brown
Photo Courtsey of Owen Braley
Meg Landymore at Elizabeth Furnace.
Meg Landymore at Elizabeth Furnace.
Large group of runners.
Mile 29. Photo Courtsey of Karsten Brown
Timer- Henry. Photo Courtsey of Owen Braley
Photo Courtsey of Owen Braley
Scott Lee, Sean Cook, Larry Tumblin
Sean Cook, Scott Lee, Larry Tumblin at the finish line
4am starting line
4am starting line.
Crew at 770. Photo Courtsey of Owen Braley
Oleksii at mile 25
Oleksii running along St. David's road
Bib 81
Johnny Rutherford, mile 29. Photo Courtsey of Karsten Brown
Most of Race management team
A part of the race management team
Tek ung
Tek Ung at mile 27
Photo Courtsey of Owen Braley