Event Photos 2016

June 4th, 2016


Starting Field: 53
Finished under 24 hours: 13 (25%)
Finished under 28 hours: 31 (58%)


Starting weather 63ºF
High temp 82ºF from 1330 to 1600 rain in the evening
Overnight Low 66ºF at 0400


Male Paul Jacobs: 16:48
Female Michele Harmon: 23:24
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Liz Bauer completes her 7th Old Dominion race, making her hold the record for most female Old Dominion finishes. Surpassing founder, Pat Botts, who had set the record at 6. Will Liz be our first female to get the 1000 mile buckle? John Sherman makes for an epic finish, with only 43 seconds to spare. He finished in 27:59:17 See more 2016 photos on our Facebook page.

4-points aid station
4-points aid station
Runner at Aid Station- 4-points
4-points Aid Station
Edinburg Gap aid station
Edinburg Gap Aid Station
Peter Mill Pond Aid station
Peter Mill Pond Aid station
Paul Jacob First to finish male
Paul, First to finish male for 2016
Bib 90 at Crisman
Crisman Medical Aid station
Elizabeth Furnace aid station
Jeff Pence and Dr. Kim work on blisters at Elizabeth Furnace aid station.
Dane and Katrina at Crisman Hollow
Dane and Katrina at Crisman Hollow
little fort aid station
Little Fort Aid Station
Michele Harmon, first to finish female
Michele Harmon, first to finish female for 2016.
Peter Mill Pond Section
Peter Mills Pond aid station area
post race barn building
Shenadoah Fairground, Start & Finish Headquarters