Event Photos 2017

June 3rd, 2017


Starting Field: 48
Finished under 24 hours: 23 (48%)
Finished under 28 hours: 30 (63%)


Starting weather 48ºF
High temp 83ºF from 1530 to 1730
Overnight Low 50ºF at 0415


Male Justin Faul:18:58
Female Stephanie Dempsey:22:47
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The day starts off with 3 front runners- Brian Marshburn, Justin Faul, and Mario Raymond. On the first trail sections, Brian and Mario pull ahead of Justin and continue to be ahead of him throughout the day. However, Justin's performance on this trail section is not an indication of what he can do on trails. By mile 43, Brian and Mario are 20 minutes ahead and this is where Brian leaves Mario. The day thus far has been a good amount of road and easier trails. By Elizabeth Furnace, mile 75, Brian had a 40 minute lead on Justin. However, Sherman Gap is known to change many people's day. Justin comes off this stretch with being only 18 minutes behind Brian now. Then we see Justin arriving into Veach West now 12 minutes ahead of Brian. Justin finishes with a 37 minute lead on Brian. Justin shows us that the race is never over until you cross the line. See more 2017 photos on our Facebook page.

Crew member for runner
        165 gets a bandana around his neck. While he makes a funny face at the camera Runner receive Aid from his father at 4-points Early morning start line Bib 156, finishes and gives hug to his crew.
Bib 154 approaching Aid Station 803 2 runners receive aid at Crisman Hollow. Brian Carr holds bib number 189 to the camera Stephanie Dempsey talks with Kelly C at Crisman Hollow
Kelly C, head medical chief, and Henry M, head timer, smile at camera Founder Pat Botts, gives a speech at the Race Briefing Kelly C and Justin Faul at weight check Wynne and Ray Waldron work on course maintance.