Event Photos 2019

Safety is the name of the game

June 1st, 2019


Starting Field: 78
Finished under 24 hours: 38 (49%)
Finished under 28 hours: 60 (77%)


Starting weather 60ºF
High temp 80ºF from 1600 to 1700
Overnight Low 54ºF at 0530


Male Olivier Leblond: 16:56
Female Kathleen Cusick: 20:17
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As ultra running is become ever popular in the US, we see a full field yet again this year. The rain from June 2018 never really stopped. We saw a very wet 2018 and early 2019. But it finally started to dry up but not without leading to some damages. A large sink hole had formed on Woodstock mountain leaving it closed for months. It would remain closed, during the 2019 event, but with enough safety measures we are able to get people around it. The runners had the added bonus this year of safely treversing the mountain on the return trip to the fairgrounds without traffic swooping around the tight switchbacks in the middle of the night.

Leblond is becoming untouchable on our course. He takes first to finish yet again. Will he be the next to receive a 1,000 mile buckle? See more 2019 photos on our Facebook page.

Pat Botts, Founder, examines sink hole that is on part of the course. Sunday banquet. Runners going through breakfast buffet Ed Foley, one of the original finisher, holds the record of most OD finishes, shakes hands with Andres Hernandez. Pat Botts 
          stands next to him, Ray and Wynne Waldron, current RDs at the table also. Sharon K, Andrea H, and another runner in the distance runs along the rolling gravel course Mayuko comes into 4-points #1 talking to her crew.
runner moving along gravel road in front of white farm fencing Jacob and Kimani finishing just under 28 hours. Wide shot of 4-points aid station Runners lined up at the start. Dave Winters, SAG head chief, stands in front of them. Rich Ropel runs along the creekside section of the course.
Group photo of the Grand Slammers Early morning photo just after the start of the event. Ray W and Kim Oliver touch base before 
        they leave for their respective tasks. Kathleen Cusick leaving Elizabeth Furnace in Daylight Sharon K at 4-points