Event Photos 2021

A Return to Normalacy

June 5th, 2021


Starting Field: 77
Finished under 24 hours: 27 (35%)
Finished under 28 hours: 49 (64%)


Starting weather 58ºF
High temp 88ºF at 1500
Overnight Low 58ºF at 0600


Male Olivier Leblond: 17:22
Female Rachel (Lemcke) Spaulding: 19:43
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We along with many other races had to cancel our 2020 event. The world was in the midst of battling Covid-19. The race management team felt lost that first weekend in June. Our current team has been apart of the Old Dominion for 20+ years and they have never had this weekend free. After a year, we were so ready to get back on the course with our runners. The 2021 event allowed us to reconnect with the community that we missed dearly and begin to feel like we were returning somewhat to normalacy. See more 2021 photos on our Facebook page.

John Lehmann running with his children at 4-points. Wesley Claytor receives ice in his neck gaitor at Crisman Hollow Aid. Peach Orchard Aid. Mules and runners can be seen in the background Only timer Old Dominion has had, Henry M. Creekside Aidstation filled with 3 runners
Gina running on a gravel portion of the course. Olivier Leblond, black and white photo Finish line during the bright afternoon sun Rachel receives Aid at 4 points Jesse Goodenough coming into 4-points #2
Race Management team Kevin Walker leaving 4-points aid station Mules crossing a creek to take aid to Peach Orchard Michael Yoder running along a gravel road near creekside. 3 runners with their back to the camera running on gravel farm roads.