Old Dominion 100 Endurance Run

A Reason to Get Strong Since 1979

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The Course


The Old Dominion course takes you over a multitude of terrains. Runners will traverse over pavement, gravel roads, single track trails, ATV trails, logging roads, rocks, streams, some more gravel, and mud. This is not solely a trail race or road race- come prepare to handle it all. Test your ability to be able to turn your legs over on a wide variety of terrain in one day. The coveted silver buckles awaits those that conquer the course under 24 hours.

The Results

1st Place Mitch Ables, 18:34:21
2nd Place Tomokazu Ihara, 18:52:27
3rd Place Mark Marzen, 19:31:50

1st Woman Meg Landymore, 19:36:40
2nd Woman Cassy Campanella, 22:56:29
3rd Women Kathleen Cusick, 25:35:00

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The Vibe

1979 runners

We stay true to our roots. Our event is 100% volunteer run and no sponsors. Run just like our fellow ultrarunners in the 1980s and 90s, but with better gear! With 23 aid stations, crew access points and an array of volunteers, we challenge you to take on our course in 24 hours. Our event is about you, the clock, and the course on the first weekend in June.

Join us for our next event on June 1st, 2024.